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Web technologies from a Simatic S7-300

Project thesis:

electrical engineering


Energy and Process Automation

"Web technologies from a Simatic S7-300"

Aroject management:

Alexander Reichert / Thomas Doft


A presentation of the topic "Web-and network technologies of a Simatic S7-300". This developed device should serve as a training model for pupils or students.

Doing the project "web technologies from a Simatic S7-300" is an essential part of training as state-certified technician at the technical school Kirchhain. This vocational training is designed for highly motivated professionals, in order to enable them to deal with difficult tasks. The project involves preparation, incorporation to the topic, project implementation and documentation. This topic is particularly interesting because the web- and network technologies play an increasingly important role because of globalization. That is why, a specific training in this area offers an advantage at the world of work.

General conditions:
The rooms are equipped especially with training models, where the basics for the Siemens S7 are taught. The students‘ computers, the related hardware (CP343-1 Advanced, the CPU315F 2PN/DP) and various input and output cards are the provided equipment. For the project there is a specific day per week and the rooms are available for working on the project this day. Within 160 hours, the entire project has to be solved.

Project description:
The project and the familiarization with the web technologies of Siemens hardware, require different skills. These include knowledge about the "Web" as well as detailed information on the existing "hardware" and their applications. It has to be found a suitable procedure in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes. At first we collected enough information. The next step was to consider how to use this information effectively to achieve our aim. After this the testing on the hardware begins. The next step is programming the system and to create the associated web page with so-called "Java applet's" to control the plant. That the system can communicate via web or network some settings in the area of the network or the router have to be configured. This was supported by Mr. Brandner.

At the end of the project, the training model can be started successfully from everywhere in the world. An additional feature has been incorporated: an automatically generated e-mail function.

Exposé in German