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Construction of an ET 200S System

construction of an ET 200S System with the integration of a RFID station

Project management:
Ludwig Klingelhöfer and Michael Schukov

Customer/co – operation partner:
vocational school Kirchhain

Supervising tutor:
Wolfgang Brandner and Oleg Zimmermann

Aims/Target group:
Studying the RFID - technology and improving the skills in project management are the main targets. The ET 200S system should be available to other students, because then they can learn to rebuild this model.

The project was done within the two – year technical training for certified technicians at the vocational school in Kirchhain. Because the students have to learn all about project management, we started with the preparation-stage and went through all the stages of planning, constructing and testing - not to forget documenting. RFID – technology is increasingly used in practice. Therefore training this subject can be a huge advantage.

General conditions:
In especially equipped rooms the students have access to computers and are able to deal with special training models at stations, which simulate some specific operational processes. For the implementation of the project, the students get one day per week. The rooms can also be used more often after consultation with the supervisor. The time schedule for this project are 200 hours.

Project description:
It is expected that deal self-reliantly with the subject matter. At first step we made a schedule in order to avoid time pressure. To avoid a duplication of effort the topic was divided in various subtopics. After collecting all information, we discussed it and decided what is important to the project. The next step was the construction of the device. All components were mounted and wired. Missing components were ordered in cooperation with the supervisor. The next step was to program the system. This step was controlled in the test phase. It should be noted that the system is compatible with all other stations at school. In addition, the function of the station can be visualized with the help of WinCC. At last all individual steps and processes were documented and issued as a project.

As a result it can be stated, that the construction of the ET 200S system was completed successfully. All stations at school, which simulate a specific operational process can be controlled. With the help of the plans and the documentation, the mass production can start. Changes to the stations are possible, because the system can be extended.

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